Firm Overview

Middleton Law Offices has a long and rich tradition in the Bowling Green community that dates back to the 1890s. Located in Wood County, Middleton Law Offices serves northwestern Ohio, including the neighboring counties of Henry, Lucas, and Hancock. With a focus on addressing the needs of the families and finding a way to a better life. Here is our law firm's mission:

Estate planning elevated to Life Planning—Legacy Saving.

Estate planning? We do that and more. Basic estate planning is getting data and filling in forms. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all estate plan. We value our clients more than that. You and your family deserve better.

That’s why we offer Life Plan transformation services. That means our law firm does a deep dive with you to assess what you have achieved in life. We then help you thoroughly consider your dreams and plans for you and your family. That is, we determine what you really want to achieve for your family with your life and resources. After that in-depth analysis, we work with you to create the living legacy for your family that can speak to them when you cannot.

Our relationship does not end when you leave our office. The Life Plan includes a glide path to make sure that the Life Plan works for you and your family. Our law firm also provides regular access to evaluate if life events and inevitable changes require an adjustment to your plan.

The Life Plan is intended to help you know what you don’t know and find opportunities where you have not. The Life Plan is a celebration of your achievement. We will develop the Life Plan to deliver your achievement and true living legacy for your family.

How do we do that? We use a complete approach to ensure that all resources are considered. That may include providing referrals for, or working with, trusted financial advisors, insurance agents, business transition advisors, farm managers, to name a few. We also make sure that your family receives thorough guidance on how the Life Plan is meant to benefit them. And, yes, we also provide as appropriate, Wills, Trusts, Financial Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and other documents tailored to incorporate with your Life Plan.