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Don't let procrastination tear your family apart. Probate court is a lingering sting brought on by a loved one. Not only is it a leangthy, painful process, but it's also expensive.


Download our free guide today to learn what the other attornies don't want you to know! Learn how to get your legacy to your family, and not the courts!

Set You (And Your Family) Up For Succes Today!

More than 50% of families are needlessly on the road to court over their loved one's property. Many will loose everything to medical bills. Let us help you put your family beat the herd with six simple steps!

Plan For Tomorrow Today!

Estate planning dosn't have to be daunting. At Middleton Law Offices, we've broken it down into six simple steps. Check it out!

Step #1

Assessment: Sit down with a member of our team for a free evaluation of your current assets to asess what will help you and your family the most!

Step #2

Deep Dive: Once we have a plan, you provide us as much information as possible so we can outline what needs to be done.

Step #3

Drafting: We get to work creating your documents!

Step #4

Review: You go over your documents with the attorney, who will explain exactly how each piece of your plan will work for you and your family.

Step #5

Signing: Working with two members of our team, you sign off on two original copies of your plan. One you take home that day, and the other we hold on to!

Step #6

Follow Up: A member of our team follows up with you to make sure you don't have any lingering questions, and to ensure that all funding is taken care of.

Give The Gift Of Your Responsibility

Middleton Law Offices has spent the past century ensuring the legacies of our friends and neighbors are protected. Download our free guide today to learn about the first steps you can take today to save your family from the heartache of probate.

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