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Real Estate

Middleton Law Offices works with clients who are interested in selling or obtaining residential and commercial real estate.  Our attorneys can work with you to structure the real estate transaction to meet your goals and your budget and draft sound documents that will protect your rights and interests.  We work to make sure that our clients are informed and have all the information they need to make key decisions.  We counsel our clients through the process of inspecting the property and ensuring that the property matches the description on the sales contract.

The attorneys at Middleton Law Offices also provide quality title examinations, guarantees, and insurance.  Our legal professionals will determine legal ownership and alert you to any flaws, mortgage liens, restrictions, easements, and rights of way affecting the property.  We also offer title insurance, which provides comprehensive protection for events that happened in the past, including judgments or liens against a previous homeowner.

If you are planning on buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, contact Middleton Law Offices to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified attorneys.  We will work with you to ensure a smooth transaction.

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