The Most Important Thing About a Will That Nobody Will Tell You

For the most part, people base buying decisions on price, but when it comes to legal services initial cost is not a reliable way to judge value. Hidden fees related to Will-centric legacy plans are a massive moneymaker for many estate planners. These costs are easily kept hidden because they are not incurred until after death.

With a Will centered plan, when an individual dies, all assets go through probate before they get to where a Will determines. Probate prioritizes itself, the attorney, the executor, and other all creditors before the family. Even then, it often takes a year or more for families to get what is left to them.

While there are many hidden costs, the two biggest are Attorney fees and Executor fees

Each of these fees, INDIVIDUALLY, costs 4% of the total assets for many Wills.

What this means for you, is that the estate planner who gave you a bargain basement Will for $200.00 and made themselves the executor can cash in when you die, taking 8% of your assets. Pretty simple math, if you paid $200.00 for a Will and have a $100,000.00 estate, your Will costs your family $8,200.00.

You can protect yourself from hidden fees!

A good first step to avoid hidden costs would be to have a frank discussion with your estate planner. The person you and your family rely on to provide good legal advice should have no problem discussing real costs and benefits with you. Don't be afraid to ask your lawyer questions on how the Will be executed, it's your car, you need to know how to drive it.

Most important, consider looking into other asset protection methods. It's easy to default to a Will because it is so ubiquitous, but your family's best protection is a comprehensive estate plan, put together by a professional.

The Will is the hammer that you use to build the house of your estate. It’s useful, but far from the only tool at your disposal. At Middleton Law, we want to supply you with not only the hammer but the saw, lumber, and proper zoning to build your legacy. Give us a call, email, or message on Facebook to set up your asset-protection consultation today!

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